beta lowdown (2016)

the debut album from ENEMY PLANEs

Lead singles: #2 "Bare Your Teeth, #3 "We Want Blood",  #4 "Stranger Danger", #11 "Weightless"  

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Available worldwide 3.25.16 on Rock the Cause Records - Distributed by The Orchard / Sony


Comprised of former members of Pictures of Then, Solid Gold, GAYNGS, Rocket to the Moon, Larva Ink (w Lizzo), and Weaver at the Loom, the music of Minneapolis based ENEMY PLANES drifts effortlessly between melancholy and menace, hypnotic and hysteric, heartache and euphoria. A stirring blend of haunting vocals, dense instrumentation, and driving beats yield a "tripnotic" sound that is distinctly their own. Initially conceived by lead singer/songwriter Casey Call in late 2012 somewhere between Minneapolis, MN and Lexington, KY, ENEMY PLANES has been hard at it since 2013 and hasn’t looked back since, maintaining an ambitious recording and touring schedule.

“We started something based on a pretty simple idea: create music that we all truly love and that moves us. If people end up being into it, great, if not there's a million other bands they can listen to.” (Casey Call)

ENEMY PLANES’ debut album, Beta Lowdown, is no small feat. The songs are deep, rich and intricate, twisting through a vast trove of knowledge and innovation to create a monolith on the contemporary aural landscape. The band’s passion and versatility are obvious as the record melts into existence with the opening track “Automatic Catatonic,” which gives way to the pulse-pounding urgency of “Bare Your Teeth” before passing through the haunting melodies of “We Want Blood” and “Stranger Danger.” Lead singer Casey Call’s evocative and soaring vocals convey subtly dark, yet thought-provoking lyrics that only add to the trip-notic sonic fusion of an almost indiscernible electronic and acoustic arsenal. All adjectives aside, the band has begun to cultivate a bit of a cult following around their live performances which is not unlike watching a coven of neon witches conjuring up some sort of unknown spell.

Beta Lowdown, co-produced by Duane Lundy (ShangriLa Studios) and Casey Call (Enemy Planes), is an experiment in juxtaposition. Lundy, known largely for his work with artists such as Jim James, Vandaveer, Sturgill Simpson, and Joe Pug, might not seem like the obvious choice for a band that operates pretty far from the folk/americana side of the spectrum. Casey puts it like this: “No matter how finished we think an idea may be, we’re always looking for a way we can fuck it up and turn it into something else.” There’s no doubt that ENEMY PLANES has found a soulmate in Lundy and that this unlikely melding of musical souls is primed for breathing fresh air into a genre that is desperately searching for something unheard.

Although this is their debut album, ENEMY PLANES has come a long way in a short while, sharing the stage with such acts as Kings of Leon, Cold War Kids, Lenny Kravitz and Avicii. All seven members come from vastly different musical backgrounds, but this synthesis of perspectives has allowed them the breadth to forge a repertoire that’s well suited for washing over the masses. “It’s unlike anything I’ve ever played or been a part of before;” says Kristine Stresman (synths/vocals), “every show is an adventure and our live show commands a rooms notice anywhere we go.”

The band spent much of 2013 and 2014 on the road supporting legendary underground act the Meat Puppets, while beginning the process of recording Beta Lowdown, as well as two additional albums worth of unreleased material. In 2015 the band found themselves besting 13,000 other bands worldwide in the Hard Rock Rising Global Band Competition, which took them to Barcelona, Spain for the finals. Their first place win set in motion a whirlwind of opportunities and show offers they’re still fielding today.

With a handful of successes and a stockpile of new material under their belts, the stage has finally been set for ENEMY PLANES to release their long awaited and much buzzed about debut album, "Beta Lowdown”, available worldwide 03/25/16 on Rock the Cause Records

A portion of proceeds from the record will go to work revitalizing music education programs in schools and developing volunteer engagement in our communities learn more at






Enemy Planes’ “Bare Your Teeth” lands at #6 on 89.3 The Current’s top 89 of 2016.
— The Current

Set on a bed of betwitching vocals, meandering bass, ghostly atmos, and propulsive beats reminiscient of In Rainbows-era Radiohead, it’s easy to get lost in [“Bare Your Teeth’s”] web of beautifully interlocking components.
— The Line of Best Fit

Enemy Planes, a tight indie-rock outfit from Minnesota. Echoes of M83, Foster the People, and acid jazz created a canvas for frontman Casey Call’s vocal lines to float above a sonic storm. The band cast spells on its audience, aided by their futuristic use of traditional electric lap-steel sounds. As they gave up the stage, Enemy Planes left a final note hanging as a postscript to a beguiling set, delivered with precision and conviction by a kick-ass band.

Aside from the occasional “‘Who is this?’ ‘Who are they?’ ‘What’s their name?’ —the ‘city that never sleeps’ ran out of things to say for a solid 45 minutes. All we could do was listen. ...In six months this band will be everywhere...

An impressive array of music hit Target Field on Friday night for Go Fest ‘15. Photographers Mike Madison and Darin Kamnetz were on site to document Matt and Kim, Cold War Kids, Yelawolf, MS MR, Big Data, Meg Myers, Allan Kingdom, and Enemy Planes performing with the Minneapolis skyline behind them.

Twin Cities indie-rockers shrugged off any hipster idealogy and have been duly rewarded as a result. The Radiohead-flavored sextet is headed to Barcelona later this month entirely at the expense of Hard Rock Cafe after being named one of six finalists - out of a purported 13,000 entries - in a battle of the bands taking place July 23 during Spain’s Hard Rock Rising festival, featuring Kings of Leon and Avicii.

If we’re to believe the hamburger/memorabilia magnates at Hard Rock Cafe, the world’s best new band is from Minneapolis. Yesterday local group Enemy Planes bested five other acts from New York, Kentucky, Scotland, Argentina, and Japan in the final round of the Hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands contest. More than 13,000 bands entered the worldwide battle, which culminated at the Hard Rock Cafe in Barcelona.

Wanna know what the next big Minneapolis band is? Ten bucks it’s Enemy Planes, a moody little band that sounds like the best Brit-obsessed psych band from 1985 crossed with skittering modern indie with a touch of lo-fi electronics stirred in. Their forthcoming album, Beta Lowdown, is filled with mysterious little songs with a dark heart, and is as good as anything “local” you’ve heard in the last couple years, though don’t expect ‘em to stay contained by our fair cities for long. Dunno much about them other than that they feature Shön Troth (formerly of Solid Gold) and members of Pictures of Then — and that anonymity is the way they seem to like it, at least so far, despite a star-making turn at SXSW last year.

Enemy Planes formed out of the ashes of the acclaimed Minneapolis indie rock quartet, Pictures Of Then, and are set to release their debut album, Beta Lowdown, sometime in early 2013. The first taste from the new record is a dynamic one, as the hypnotic pulse of “We Want Blood” is a promising teaser of what is to come from the band. The video, directed by the distinguished Tobias Strech (Radiohead, Efterklang, Post War Years) is a striking, somber glimpse of the devastating destruction levied by hurricane Sandy on the East Coast. The clip was shot in Coney Island in the direct aftermath of the storm, and it provides haunting visuals that serve to enhance the desperation of the highly evocative song itself.

In this day and age, discovering an amazing new band is kind of like spotting a unicorn. At first you can’t believe it’s real. Then, you have to keep following it to find out a. why it’s here and b. where it’s going. This, my dear readers, is exactly how I felt when I saw up-and-coming Minnesota band, Enemy Planes open for the Meat Puppets last Saturday. The experience? An understated performance filled with haunting lyrics, evocative vocals, and hypnotic melodies. Each song within their set was as captivating as it was well crafted—equal parts technically substantive and innovative. Even more poignantly, every single song performed was actually good, which is a true rarity—especially for a band that first debuted a little over a year ago. Their pared down, no frills approach to performing was extremely refreshing in an era characterized by excesses of “performance art” and overproduced DJ sets. Enemy Plane’s musical prowess alone is more than enough to hold the attention of the crowd.

Their influence is clear: the production resembles Radiohead with a little bit of a darker twist. Sure, throwing Radiohead comparisons around is always risky, but I wouldn’t knock ‘em for it. With the sampler, the fourth cut is particularly impressive and soars through a brilliant guitar riff. The fifth clip showcases the vocals of this project, at once melodic and hoarse.

If you haven’t yet gotten the memo, Pictures of Then - an underrated local band, despite their commercial success - has added a member and rebranded into Enemy Planes. Though their pop-rocking MTV appeal - which led to songs featured on “16 and Pregnant” and “The Hills” - has been swapped for moodier, Yorke-ian soundscapes, there’s new depth and it builds anticipation for their forthcoming debut, “Beta Lowdown.” Tonight, Enemy Planes will unveil its brag-worthy video for single “We Want Blood.” Directed by Tobias Stretch (Radiohead, Efterklang), the video was shot on Coney Island in the eerie aftermath of Sandy.

Though I don’t know much about these guys, I know they definitely caught my attention...they’re on my ‘to download’ list when I get back home for sure.




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