We're excited to share this beautiful remix of We Want Blood done by the amazingly talented Justin Craig. Justin Craig is a musician, record producer, composer, and now Broadway music director based in Brooklyn, NY. Born in Lexington, KY, he grew up music obsessed, picking up the guitar at age 12, and starting his recording career at 17 working with producer Duane Lundy. Years spent on the road as a member of numerous touring bands honed his skills as a player, and studio work led him to collaborating with countless artists spanning all genres of music. Justin is currently on tour as the music director for the broadway musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

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Before the Worms explores the frailty of the human condition and embracing ones own mortality. Written in late 2012 and recorded/produced/mixed in 2013 by Duane Lundy at Shangri-La Studios (Lexington, KY) 

This track is more or less an anthem for the downtrodden and passed over, the underdogs battle cry if you will. Dance Party 3000, written in late 2011, was one of the first songs we wrote which leans more in the direction of the "vibe" oriented material that helped to spark the idea and creation of ENEMY PLANES. Recorded at The Terrarium (Minneapolis, MN), Produced/Mixed by Duane Lundy at Shangri-La Studios (Lexington, KY)


Over the next couple months we'll be releasing a series of B-Sides & Remixes from Beta Lowdown as free downloads. Check back here weekly or follow us on FaceBook to get updates as more songs become available.

Before ENEMY PLANES was formed in 2012, some of our members, myself included, were in a little band known as Pictures of Then. In early 2011 we went to the Terrarium studios in Minneapolis, MN with the intention of recording another POT album, most of the B-Sides we'll be releasing were among some of those early tracks. As we began working on the album with our producer Duane Lundy (ShangriLa), it became clear that we had two sets of songs in development that were very different from each other. In the past most of the writing I had done originated on the guitar, and was very much on the rock side of the spectrum, at that time in early 2011 I had begun experimenting a lot more with synths and songs that to me had a more hypnotic vibe. 

There was never really a clear cut path of what I wanted us to become, I just knew that we were onto something different and that I was and still am determined to follow that feeling wherever it may lead. As we began to figure out what we referred to back then as our "new sound", there were a handful of songs that ended up being orphaned as ENEMY PLANES and Beta Lowdown began to take shape. There was much debate among band members as to what songs "sounded" like ENEMY PLANES and what songs seemed too much like Pictures of Then. Ultimately the decision was made to leave a handful of songs off of Beta Lowdown. When it comes down to it, at some point you have to make a decision and be done. Our whole philosophy with EP is based on the notion that if anything starts to seem like we're trying too hard to make it work then let's just not do it. If everyone in the band isn't all "hell-yeah" on an idea then we tend to leave it behind. Who knows, maybe we fucked up by not putting some of these on the record. Regardless I still love these songs, without them ENEMY PLANES wouldn't exist. Along with these B-Sides there will be a selection of remixes from Beta Lowdown by some amazing, and talented artists that we had the honor of collaborating with. Follow us on FACEBOOK to get notified as each track is made available. 

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